Buy The Freeman’s Oath, a wicked good book.

The Freeman’s Oath is an engaging novel about love and history, full of inside information about the world of rare books and documents”–TOM PERROTTA, AUTHOR OF THE LEFTOVERS AND LITTLE CHILDREN.

The Freeman’s Oath offers a fresh plot about a national treasure in a way that’s so subtle that it gets lost in the colorful array of historical richness, reminding the reader that our lives are just chapters in much longer stories”–INDIE BOOK REVIEW.

Meet Jonathan Gray, 27, a struggling Boston rare book dealer. The accidental death of his parents three years ago has him casting about, trying to uphold his father’s bookselling legacy. Meanwhile, Jessie, the one girl Jon has ever loved—whom he dumped with spectacular quickness after his parents’ death, but who can blame a guy stunted by grief?—has suddenly reappeared. Jon’s in trouble. He needs to grow up, fast, or lose everything. When an old customer shows up with a long-lost and exceedingly puritanical document, the Oath of a Free-man, the hope of a huge sale gives Jon one chance to save his father’s business and redeem himself.

From the reviews:

“The dialogue is true and the descriptions are spot on…a tour of Boston’s iconic historic sites and contemporary hot spots, capturing the essence of the city.”
“A fun read for those of us who still need a bit of intellectual stimulation.”
“A rare treat…a refreshing depiction of a modern hero.”